Sunday, 3 July 2016

CSC Construction Tour - Specifer: June 2016

The annual CSC Construction tour in May was a big success!

We met for lunch at the Dublin Crossings Restaurant and then on to explore the Marine Gateway Project. This is a new concept of combining retail and residential in one location. The entire project is built on a geothermal plant which allows buyers to predict and then lock into energy prices for the next 30 years. In cooperation with BC Hydro, tomorrow’s energy bill will be the same as today. The entire project sold out in record time.

Several of the restaurant sites were selected after all residential sites were sold and residents were able to participate in requesting which restaurants to add. Sky trains arrive and depart to the city regularly so the need for a vehicle is drastically reduced. The concept is to be energy responsible and have a better quality of life. Less glass and more thermally efficient panels may lead the way to better building practices in BC.

Thank you to our hosts from Perkins & Will Architecture: Ryan Bragg, Development Lead and Joshua Rudd, Intermediate Designer.

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