Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Education Report - Specifier: April 2015

The Vancouver Technical Representative course that started in January of this year is almost finished. The eight students that participated will be doing their final presentations to the review committee over the next couple of weeks.

It is early days but if you are interested in the Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course please contact me as the chapter is likely going to hold this course again in the fall and would like to have an idea of the interest level. PCD is the first course, and a pre-requisite, for all of the CSC education streams. These are Certified Technical Representative, Certified Construction Contract Administrator, and Certified Specification Practitioner. It is also a strong foundational course for people who are new to the construction industry or want to better understand construction documentation (specifications, drawings and schedules), products, bidding procedures and contracts. This course is offered on-line by CSC Canada once a year and the Vancouver chapter aims to hold one local class a year.

The CSC Vancouver chapter was planning to have a Construction Contract Administration begin in the late winter or early spring. As of now the Vancouver Chapter is still looking for a qualified instructor; as soon as this is done I will e-mail those who have contacted me in the past and post the information on the website.

The CSC Vancouver chapter has reached out to a few potential instructors about teaching this course. If you are interested in teaching or would like to help co-teach a course please contact me to discuss your interests.

For further information please contact me at

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Words from the Chair - Specifier: April 2015

Happy Spring Everyone….well at least those living in the west! I recently attended my first official CSC National Board Meeting in Ontario where all of the chapters across the country were represented save for the Quebec City Chapter. I was impressed with the level of professionalism that was exhibited throughout the business portion of the meetings and with the level of camaraderie that was present during the social times throughout the weekend. A very special thank you goes to Darlene Helfrich ( Director from the Edmonton Chapter) for organizing a tribute photo/video in honor of Jim Dunsmore. A trip to the dollar store resulted in some hilarious headwear from satiny bunny ears, shower caps, and hats of all shapes, color and sizes. Everyone was such a good sport and I am sure that Jim was having a great chuckle at our antics!

The health of the organization and the ability of the various chapters to maintain or grow their membership was encouraging to say the least. We often find ourselves very focused locally on our issues, education, finance etc., only to realize we are part of a much bigger picture and that there is a wealth of information that can be accessed by simply reaching out to another chapter or the Association office.

The members forum dinner on Saturday night was a prime example of how we are part of a bigger family. It allowed for much discussion of the various ways that we host functions, deal with education, support membership and handle finances. I heard many a director tell another that they would be happy to share information….just give them a call or send an email and they would put that person in touch with the right person on their executive.

We spent a great deal of time discussion the draft Strategic Plan – 2016 and beyond with a homework assignment of sharing it with our local executive for review and comment. This will happen at our next executive meeting March 24th and provide feedback to the office by the end of the month!

The Winnipeg chapter is excited to be hosting this year’s conference May 27th to the 31st with an extensive technical program along with a great companion program. If you have not had the chance to attend one of our out of town conference I strongly recommend that you consider this one….but be careful, once you attend one it is difficult not to attend the next and the next and the next! Halifax will be hosting 2016 and we are hosting 2017 in Kelowna so mark your calendars for the next three years.

Finally, we are approaching our Chapter General Meeting where some of our executive will be stepping down leaving room for members who are interested to step in and be a part of a great, dynamic and professional team!

Please do not hesitate to send me a note or give me a call 604-880-4470 if you are interested.

Kimberly Tompkins,
CTR Chapter Chair
CSC – Vancouver Chapter

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